Who is Thorne?

Thorne Huw Lawler is a geek. I am reluctant to say too much that is specific and changeable here because I am such a slob about updating the static content on these pages. So, fixed vital stats (excluding things which might be used for identity theft, sorry):

Eye colour
Hair colour
brownish, minimal
Geeky, geeky geek.

Why a blog?

The front ‘main’ page here is a weblog. This is my direct reaction to the eternal problem of maintaining web content. I have had several differently structured homepages before now, all with grievous levels of staleness: I would write a page, then leave it to fester for years. The blog ensures that what little time I devote to doing stuff on the net is all up front, ensuring that my page is at least minimally interesting most of the time.

If the question is: “why blog?”, my answer is more like: because this geeky trendy thing has finally convinced me to write down my thoughts on a frequent-if-not-regular basis, where innumerable personal disciplines have not. That it’s all public is just an added openness and honesty bonus.

What is Trouble?

Trouble is my own little contribution to the internet. It might one day become an IT consulting company, or it might not. It is also (at least one) server, typically hosted. Trouble hosts many services, and aims to be available to all, for free or for very cheap. Trouble runs Linux.

Can I have one too?

Just ask. I don’t bite.

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