Thorne Lawler

Mobile: +61 411 597 514 · email: thorin@trouble.net.au
UNIX / Linux system administrator.
Over 19 years experience with Linux and UNIX in a wide range of environments.


Oracle · February 2012 » Current employer

  • Enterprise technical support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM (x86 and Sparc)
  • Develop product documentation for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  • Support the broadest possible range of customers and customer environments
  • Support customers across barriers of nationality, time-zone and language
  • Adhere to Oracle support quality and accountability processes

Key technologies: Oracle Linux, Linux Kernel diagnosis and troubleshooting, Oracle Exadata and Exalogic, Linux performance diagnosis and tuning, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM (x86 and Sparc), Oracle Cloud, Xen virtualization, ZFS, Infiniband

Coles Supermarkets · September 2009 » February 2012

  • Develop and audit PCI-DSS compliant payment card information systems
  • Support and maintain Coles’ Linux server fleet
  • Develop and maintain in-house tools
  • Consult with the business regarding projects and capacity-planning
  • Host Australia’s largest web-commerce application
  • Adhere to Coles change-management and incident handling processes and service levels

Key technologies: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Xen virtualization, Pacemaker (HA Clustering), DRBD, Perl & shell script, SAN, HP Proliant BladeSystem, DNS (ISC BIND), Sendmail and Postfix, HP ServiceCenter, Apache, PHP, MySQL

KAZ (Acquired by Fujitsu in 2009) · June 2006 » September 2009

  • Maintain and support hosted Solaris, Linux, AIX and UNIX systems
  • Develop and maintain servers and server templates for clustered web, database and email relay environments
  • Adhere to strict ITIL, esp. in design, project management and capacity-planning
  • Hosting payroll, HR, major public web applications and high-performance edge servers
  • Consult to meet the requirements of Government and Corporate clients

Key technologies: Solaris 9 and 10, Sun Sparc V and M, JumpStart, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Kickstart, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Debian, Perl & shell script, Symantec NetBackup, DNS (ISC BIND), Sendmail and Postfix, BMC Patrol, BMC Remedy, AIX,
Apache, Nagios, PHP, MySQL, LAMP, Squid proxy

Microlistics / Dawson Consulting / The Dawson Group · June 2003 » June 2006

  • Plan and replace entire IT infrastructure: laptops, desktops, servers, network, backup, storage, mail and identity services with zero business impact
  • Purchase, build and install Warehouse Management System servers
  • IT strategy for product sales, in-house infrastructure and procedures
  • Mentor two IT dept. staff

Key technologies: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE, Solaris, Windows 2000 server, Windows XP, AIX, HPUX, Perl & shell script, LDAP, IMAP, Veritas NetBackup, iPlanet, Apache, Sun One, Active Directory, Samba, Rational Clearcase, Cisco IOS, Quantum tape libraries

Verve (Merged in 2001 to join Versata) · March 1999 » May 2003

  • Maintain, purchase, build & secure server and desktop IT infrastructure
  • Primary consultant – workflow engine project for a major US bank
  • Developer-level customer support, incl. strategic planning and design for J2EE workflow solution
  • Design training curricula and train support teams in California and Oregon.

Key technologies: Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows NT4 and 2000, Java, JSP, Perl & shell script, Apache, Jakarta Tomcat, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, sendmail, DNS, Legato Networker, Oracle, Cisco IOS.

Trouble.net.au (Personal project) · March 2004 » Present

  • Build & maintain a secure, internet-facing smtp, IMAP, DNS, web and miscellaneous development server for use by myself and my friends
  • Day-to-day security concerns including firewalls, patching, log analysis and user management
  • Occasional security incidents – detection, mitigation and disaster recovery
  • Teach myself new technologies as they become relevant

Key technologies: Linux (Ubuntu, Slackware), MTAs and MDAs (Postfix, Dovecot, Courier, Sendmail, Spamassassin), Web (Nginx, PHP, WordPress, OwnCloud, Apache), DNS (Bind), Security (ossec-hids, certbot).


  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) – Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics, Philosophy) – Monash University

academic results transcript available on request


  • Solaris 10 Advanced
  • AIX Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals
  • Symantec Storage Foundation for UNIX
  • Veritas Advanced NetBackup Administration for UNIX
  • Programming Perl – Perl Training Australia
  • IBM/Rational ClearCase RS611: Mastering ClearCase Administration for Unix
  • IBM/Rational ClearCase SCM275: Essentials of Rational ClearCase UCM


Not included in online version. Please contact me for reference details if interested.

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