Bloggity! … Not.

(delayed post from 8/8/05)

I have temporarily abandoned the ideal of remote/roaming text/photoblogging. Maybe the technology just isnt there yet, or maybe I need to get shot of threeexternal link first, but it’s definitely just a bit too hard still.
Since I’m not a brilliant journalist or an avidly followed game developer or anything, I tend to think that such immediacy and convenience is just a frippery anyway. For now, writing myself dated notes in my palm will suffice. I can copy them to the blog when I get to work.
…not that I’m going to have time this morning: Giant (the critical systems server) has shat itself again, and some kind of mysterious new worm involving rtvscan.exe is doing the rounds all over the place. Worm? Licensing scam gone mad? Who knows? Unfortunately, I am expected to know. 🙁

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