Work, GPS doubt, Roast Pork

Back at work today.

My S.A.D.external link-prevention lamp failed to come on this morning, not due to my zealous housemates turning it off at the lamp end, but due to my having messed with the timer while in a brainless(1) state during the holiday.

Still, this morning’s Triple-Jexternal link breakfast show brought some degree of cheer by announcing this to be the ‘Happiest Monday of All’ and broadcasting from home their universal message: don’t bother going to work today. Stay home, be happy. Would that I could marshall an excuse.frown

I am re-thinking my previous jubilant post about GPSes, since my reply from Navmanexternal link which seems to indicate that the Tungsten T2 is not supported. Why, I ask? Is there some terrible deficiency or difference between the T2 and the T3? Is it a bluetooth issue, or what? More research is called for… this is not news, really.neutral

Roasted a 3kg pork shoulder roast for dinner last night. My god it was magnificent… I had forgotten the true glory of a good pork roast, living with housemates with an aversion to crackling. E, mercifully, has no such affliction, and we have agreed that the remaining ~2kg of roast will make admirable sandwiches for the rest of the week. 🙂

I want more sleep. cry

(1) – brainless see inebriated(2)
(2) – inebriated see drunk(3)
(3) – drunk see pissed(4)
(4) – pissed see sloshed(5)
(5) – sloshedexternal link adj. Slang. Intoxicated.
(6) – mutual recursion see recursion, mutual(7)
(7) – recursion, mutual see mutual recursion(6)

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