GPS joy, traps for the unwary, I uz da winnah an’ da champeen!

My happy shiny GPS arrived!
To recap, it is an i-Trek WondeProud BT-77 based on the nemerixexternal link chip.
It is a tiny black box about the size of a matchbox. It weighs very little. It charges in about an hour, and runs on one charge for at least 18 hours, as advertised. It came with a USB charger cable and a lighter-socket-to-USB adaptor. Nifty! It appears to work absolutely flawlessly with my Tungsten T2, using GeoNicheexternal link, which I have yet to register.
There turns out to be a slight trick though: The GPS will run, as I said, for 18 hours on a charge, and has no “auto-power-save” mechanism. GeoNicheexternal link, while connected to the GPS, suspends the Palm pilot’s normal power-saving mechanism. The Palm, as many readers are doubtless already aware, does not run at full-bore for 18 hours on a single charge. Not by a long shot.
This morning I caught the Palm right on the verge of going completely flat and dumping its contents. Another time I might not be so lucky. Need to remember to turn it off…
Finally, in a complete random bloop of titanic proportions: Wednesday morning saw me going to a seminar entitled “Why do I need a SAN?”, which turned out to be a not-veiled-at-all IBM sales schpiel for their latest RAID boxes. Ho-hum. But at the conclusion of this ‘seminar’, there was a business-card raffle for a $250 dinner at Donovan’sexternal link. And I won. That never happens…biggrin

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