Tired. Troubled. Blue. Birthday.

I am so damn tired! There is no sense to this: I spent much of yesterday asleep, went to bed very early last night, and slept soundly enough. I couldn’t get up this morning though… never have I so thoroughly abused the snooze button! E and I helped Minx and Cainbits move house on Saturday (their new house is divine and glorious, we wantss it, preciousss!) and we were justifiably exhausted on Saturday night, but it can’t still be effecting me now, surely?
Pandora In light of the news that my household will be going its separate ways, I am faced with the prospect of carving up trouble.net.au and fully separating it from its siamese half-twin sietsma.comexternal link. This is going to involve money and time, especially if I want to achieve any of my long-held desires with regard to reducing noise, points of failure, power-consumption, maintenance overhead, etc. Right now, the hottest contender is either some kind of SFF PC or a Mac Miniexternal link with a bunch of firewire external disksexternal link.
In completely random news: I copped some kind of bluetooth attack this morning on the train! I was sitting, minding my own business, playing solitaireexternal link when this guy wearing extremely dodgy clothes (see: smelly, falling to bits) got on the train with some kind of middle eastern pentatonic music featuring a rapid hand-drum and an oud playing loudly from the speaker on his phone. I, among others, gave him a dirty look and he turned it down very slightly, but then continued fiddling with his phone. This is no big deal: commuting on the train one becomes accustomed to incessant mobile-phone ringtones, and everyone texts from the train. It’s what SMS is for.
What happened next may have had nothing to do with this guy: I started getting “bluetooth file received” messages on my Palm and my phone. Fortunately, both are configured to prompt before accepting any such file, but the moment I clicked “no”, a new one would arrive. Someone was either trying to spam all the bluetooth devices in the train, or else their phone was carrying a bluetooth virus. It is also possible that someone was actually toothingexternal link on the train. I had to turn both my phone and Palm completely off to still the continuous beeping. Nasty!
Finally, the inevitable doom of my 30th bithday continues to loom. Now only ten days of my precious twenties remain, and I still have no idea how to celebrate my birthday, nor any invitations of any kind. Argh! Maybe I should spend less time blogging and more time planning. neutral

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