Soul-searing machine-generated beauty

I was appreciating a particularly beautiful screensaver today. It’s called ‘substrate’, and it involves these little crawling veins of colour which meander about aimlessly across a white page, slowly evolving something that looks like an aging parchment map of a chaotic old city, all in sepia tones. The (static) end result looks a lot like this:

In contemplative awe, it struck me that I could probably Google up the author of this marvel. Some very rudimentary googling led me to, home of the wrongest, yet most beautiful javascript menu I have ever seenexternal link.eek
Here, I found many many more marvels like kind, such as this:

Most seem to have java-based live examples, so that one can generate one’s own work of random glory, and splatter it on one’s

In other generally random news, the progress towards the great upheaval porceeds apace. I can’t remember if I’ve already broadcast the details, but if not, here goes: my housemates and I are selling up our immense house in Glen Waverley and going our separate ways. I will be posting more public guff here as this project progresses.

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