Uselessly sick

Very very not well today., much as yesterday. It is the standard irony: On Tuesday I take a day off sick, because I feel somewhat unwell, then on Wednesday and Thursday (and probably Friday, given how I’m feeling) I get to be so sick I can barely even pretend to function. frown
Still, much has been achieved.

  • Trouble is now moved, with minimal grievous outage, and only one night of pain and misery.
  • My house is one room closer to functional: it now has a bathroom which is entirely satisfactory, featuring a non-broken showerhead which you can adjust, a funtional extractor fan, a toilet-paper holder, a towel-rail which doesn’t dip your towel in the toilet, and no dead spiders (That I know of).
  • (Through very little effort on my part) Elmwood is now On The Market!external link Wheee!

None of this makes up for the fact that I feel awful… like I’ve been practising amateur sword-swallowing, getting trampled by mobs, and sanding my eyeballs. Like I weigh a million tons, especially my hands and eyelids, and have never, ever slept.

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