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New thing du jour: My new bag!
Deuter Giga Office
It has too many zips, compartments and features to mention (without becoming unspeakably boring). Suffice to say that it’s a laptop-carrying-backpack and it’s nifty. Expensive but not on the Crumpler or Booqpack scales of things.
This last week has brought whole new vistas of emotional ups and downs: E went away to her dad’s timeshare in NSW for a week, and I was genuinely alone in my own place without housemates for the first time in years. It wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be… in fact it was profoundly depressing. Time to reflect can be very bad when you can’t stand your own reflection…
E came back full of renewed life and joy on Friday last though, and we had a fairly good weekend, even though E is siiick. The magnificent E went quite mad buying me presents! biggrin including this very fine rock tumbler, which is currently making 8oz of rocks into slightly less than 8oz of very shiny rocks in my spare room.
National Geographic Rock Tumbler
Thank you O wonderful E!

Finally, just a note to those who read my blog directly through the Wiki, or through RSS (apologies for the very broken RSS!), or who read the blog and ignore all the frilly bits. My home page has bars down either side of it. These are no longer contentless links to nothing. They now really link to interesting and functional stuff. In particular, the links down the right side of the page (except the Resume page) are to stuff I have found so nifty, amusing, or cute that I want to share them with everyone else. Unless these links vanish at their source, I will try to archive all of them in the old crazy area, so that you won’t miss anything if you don’t check in very often. I mention this here, now, because I’ve been updating Crazy much more often than my blog lately. Blogging requires a brain. Surfing does not.

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