Wiki outage, comments restricted. D’oh!

The observant will have noticed that the Tiki was gone for a few days there. This was due to a massive comment-abuse event on wednesday morning.

The offending IP has been blocked utterly and permanently, and as a precaution I have restricted comments to registered users only for now. I know this sucky-sucky-sucks, but there isn’t an easy solution.

In the longer term, I intend to use a CAPTCHAexternal link on each comment-submission to weed out the abuse-bots from the nice humans.

Until then, apologies to all the nice humans who have been adding wonderful comments to my blog. Please don’t be afraid of the big bad registration script: I won’t use it for anything except letting you into the site.

I will, of course, understand entirely if you can’t be bothered.

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