Comments and vaguely apologetic things

I am teetering on the verge of re-enabling comments on this page.

To the best of my knowledge the folks who were posting comments I objected to are now IP-blocked from this entire web-server. In any case, they should be aware that I can and will block them if they post here again: I can block your IP. If you use an anonymous proxy, I can block their IP addresses too. If you use dhcp release/renew to rapidly shuffle your home IP, I will indiscriminately block your ISP’s entire range.

Ultimately, if there is sufficient reason, I will turn comments back off again. I could make the whole thing login-only, but that would seem to me to defeat the purpose of having a page in the first place, and I know how many legitimate comments would never happen if there was that much extra effort involved.

On another note: It has been pointed out to me that calling my prospective new employers “alien overlords” might be seen as a tad rude. If you’re reading this, and you’re from Kaz, please understand that this is a joke. It is vaguely even a Simpsons quote (Kent Brockman says something just like this, repeatedly). If I meant anything by it, it was only to imply that Kaz is radically larger than any of my previous employers, and I am savouring the novel feeling of being a tiny little cog in such a huge machine. Please forgive my bemusement: I meant no disrespect.


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