A brief sanity break

Why am I blogging in the middle of the working day?

The surgeon general wishes to advise that the simultaneous proof-reading of more than 20 mostly identical UNIX ‘as-built’ documents for periods of more than two hours may cause:
– cranial numbness
– bleeding from the ears
– an overwhelming urge to run around your office clucking like a chicken

Still, it’s not like I will have to do this again for, oh, hours. evil

On the bright side, Double is looking alarmingly close to finished. The only major piece which is still missing is the image galleries. I have decided to ditch all the wildly over-clever dynamically thumbnailing php poop in favour of some kind of static gallery-generator script that cranks out .htaccess files, thumbnails and indexes for any arbitrary directory of photos, so that one can just symlink them into one’s homepage. WordPress MUexternal link is very impressive, and I have concluded that, so long as galleries and blogs remain public, the wiki can just be made private-only. I may later make it accessible in a public read-only form at a slightly different URL, but that doesn’t seem to be exactly urgent right now. I have a little task-list, and it’s actually getting shorter for a change. Wheeee!

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