Why I love E

No, not MDMA, E!Anonymised

DoctorGypsyBikerPirateWitch, Keeper of the Toes, etc.
I don’t post enough unreservedly positive things on this blog, and I don’t say enough about the most wonderful person in my life. That’s partly because I’m needlessly reserved, and partly because I strive to keep a veneer of anonymity over E where she appears in this blog.

This amazing woman has come into my life in the last few years, and stood by me through a lot of crazy stuff, some good, much bad. What you need to know about E is that she is a carer, not just a doctor, but someone who gives her measured, diligent, considerate care to all things and people in her life. Through her care I have grown as a person to an extent that has not happened since high school, and in ways which would simply not have been possible without her. E is full of mischief, evil, cunning and dark humour that will always make me laugh, however dark the hour. She is brilliant and wise rather than clever as I once aspired to be. Practical and insightful, she guides me back towards reality when I tilt at windmills.

That is why I love her.

Enough now. Apologies to single or embittered readers who find this post induces nausea. 🙂

All readers of my blog need to be aware that E has a nifty blog too!

There is no need to mention butt-mushrooms or tomato snakes in this post. Hence, they will remain omitted.

3 thoughts on “Why I love E

  1. What is life love without love? When the time finally runs out we will remember the relationships we had, not the time we spent working in the office.

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