It’s Official!

Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds

Pardon me while I rant and rave, cackle and chortle and foam at the mouth and dance complicated little victory dances to the strains of Thick as a Brick.

And at last, disco/punk fascism is dead! It may have been acceptable in the eighties, but now it’s buried, strangled by its own children, the likes of The Scissor Sisters, to give birth to The New Prog! We can have songs for the brain again! Single tracks can run on for half an hour without shame! Albums can even have a plot if they want to!

Hell, even Trent Reznor can make a story album!

Some of us never stopped believing.

One thought on “PROG. ROCK. LIVES!

  1. I am in a funny position here of loving both the things you love and hate. So I love progressive stuff. But then if I see the words ‘punk’ and ‘disco’ mashed together I think of the ‘New Wave’ music of the 80s and a lot of that was just quirky silly fun even if it was basic stuff. And as for the Scissor Sisters – I think of them more as a kind of glam revival than anything.

    Still if this development allows for (a) more musical diversity and (b) more respect for past developments then I am all for it.

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