Brief rave: Skullcandy

Skullcandy LogoSkullcandy rock. In particular, I want to rave about three things:

  1. Their Smokin’ Buds ear-buds are fantastic quality: they are the best head-mounted audio of any kind I have ever encountered, and I’ve tried a few.
  2. Their Smokin’ Buds ear-buds are damn cheap for what they are.
  3. Their customer service is unbelievable. On the packaging they say that if you break their products, or lose parts, they will just mail you replacements. It was only yesterday that I confirmed that they really mean that.

I figure if they don’t want money for having a real human being email me back in less than an hour and post me a new set of gels, the least I can do is expound their virtues on my blog.

This has been your non-sponsored rave for the day. 🙂

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