Clockwork & blue smoke

On the down side:

  • Start to mow the lawn. New-ish (somewhat underwhelming) electric mower seizes up, stops. When the receipt comes to light, Bunnings say:
    “No, too late, you can’t bring it back and get a different one, you have to take it to the manufacturer.”
    The manufacturer will give us a new one, so, not so bad.
  • Diconsolate, I go prod the power switch on my computer: there is happy in Teh Internetz. Nothing happens! Frowning, I turn the big switch at the back off and on again. There is an audible poof, and ribbons of dense oily smoke stream out. No warranties on that anymore. 🙁
  • Frustrated, but it’s time to pack my work stuff for the week anyway. My wonderful (if horribly expensive) Deuter laptop-backpack has unzipped iself and spilt its guts on the floor during the night. *sigh* I yank on the zip… and it comes off in my hand!
    …fortunately, when I get my gruntle back sufficiently to think straight, this turns out to be fixable with patience and Very Large Pliers.

…Still. *grumble*

On the up-side:

  • E gave me the most magnificent watch of all time!
    Daybird Watch Front
    It’s a ‘daybird’ self-winding all-mechanical watch with elegantly exposed workings. The spinning, glittering parts are powerfully hypnotic.
    The back is transparent:
    Daybird Watch Back
    Which enables you to see the self-winding weight turning as the watch moves.
    It ticks in a hypnotic way too. Fabulous!

5 thoughts on “Clockwork & blue smoke

  1. “No, too late, you can’t bring it back and get a different one, you have to take it to the manufacturer.”

    Technically, I think, you’re doing them a favour if you do take it up with the manufacturer. They sold it to you, it’s their responsibility, if they want to take it up with the manufacturer in turn that’s their problem. Still, if the manufacturer will give you a new one, I guess it works out…


  2. Hmph, I thought I’d commented on this a couple of days ago, but it looks like I had a tech-glitch of my own. From memory, it went something like this:

    Bummer about the tech rebellion and its course of wanton self-destruction.

    That watch E gave you, however, is asofreakinlutely amazing! So many nifty bits to see, and the crystal in the back as well as the front makes even better.

  3. I missed one! The Steam God (an ‘ironing station’ tethered iron with a boiler) failed later that Sunday night: just refused to make steam.

    Look on my works, ye appliance engineers, and despair!

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