Quickly, this is a post about what I’m doing, and what I’m not.It largely avoid the question ‘Why?’ since that would be a long, boring self-involved blather.Thorne is:

  • Back in Melbourne.
  • Building a New Trouble, in Australia, very slowly.
  • Stressing more than is necessary about everything.
  • Following Pah’s rather nifty Slow Review of Watchmen (the comic). I would dearly like to respond to every part of it, but time and anxiety continue to conspire to render me dumb.
  • Presently waiting for a busted UDF DVD image to copy itself to disk on a clunky old server because it refuses to mount from the disc (if this means nothing to you, I envy you).

Thorne is not:

  • Going home early, or even on time tonight, again, despite coming in early with that express intent.
  • Sleeping enough.
  • Making measurable headway on personal projects like making stuff or losing wieght or getting out of debt.
  • Posting on this blog much. Sorry folks! I’ll be back here one day.

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