The Quiet After The Storm

It strikes me that I’ve edited a lot on this blog, and striven for some kind of high-ground in terms of keeping it interesting and impersonal. I have hit and missed, but mostly I just haven’t posted, and that it about as boring as it could possibly be.

Sure, nobody reads a blog that’s pure bitchiness, or a one-sided conversation with an unseen interlocutor, Very few people would read a blog about ultra-small-footprint cloudy Linux VPS administration either. However absolutely nobody reads a blog which never has any new content.

So, time to break down this barrier and get blogging again. Quality over quantity is only a good idea as long as the quantity stays above zero.

For starters the new banner is a hat-tip to the wedding I never did get around to blogging about properly.

There should definitely be a post here about the late Graham Hatherell one day soon too.

Mmmmm, meta post!

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