Training for Exhaustion

How to get veeery tired:

  1. Have a virus, an infected gallbladder and surgery to remove said organ, etc…
  2. Get sent to allegedly Career Significant Training in the CBD.
  3. …training that starts at 8:15am sharp.
  4. …training which your line manager is co-facilitating that day.
  5. Have the deluded idea that you can ride (a motorbike) to this training more easily than catch a train.
  6. …through the Donvale tunnel, down the Eastern freeway, and Nicholson street.
  7. Attend this training. It runs all day, with minimal breaks and massive performance pressure.
  8. At 5:15pm, get out of this training and go meet a friend. Walk around the city for a while for good measure.
  9. Now ride home. Same route, in reverse. Did I mention that it’s VERY COLD?

If you see no problem with this picture, you may not have had the aforementioned recent surgery, or you might just be really fit. :-/

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