Locks and demented old finance hacks, Job Satisfaction


Today began quietly enough: the first noteworthy thing that happened was a visit from the upstairs neighbours, telling us that their grand morning presentation had finished and we were all welcome to come and help them finish off the food. Sane enough.

But then things got steadily more annoying…
We have a customer now who handles “Dangerous Goods”, e.g. chemicals which will spontaneously detonate when stored in the same warehouse. And I mean detonate in the vaporise-a-city-block sense.
Naturally, the solution to these dangerous goods is to wrap them up in earth-girdling quantities of red tape. Hence, in an act of sawnoff-shotgun delegation, I was the proud recipient of a task today which lead to me discovering the joys of the Australian Government Information Management Officeexternal link. This lovely site gives whole old meaning to the word ‘portal’: it is a gateway into hell. You have been warned.
Following this, among a welter of other smaller crises, I discovered that the electronic locking system I have poured so much blood, sweat and tears into over the past month had been sabotaged! One of crazy old bats from finance had decided that the solution to a door lock she didn’t (refused to) understand was to add another one. This resulted in a door on which neither lock worked, and a slightly disgruntled landlady, who felt that her tennants should know better than to have internal power struggles. It took me two hours to repair the door from where that damn technician had left it. evil
Now I am sitting here at 5:45 and wondering why I bother. Is it just me, or does this job really suck? Did I make it suck? Can I do better? … I can answer that last question. twisted

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