Holidays, Jet Li and Stuff

Feeling a lot better today than when I cranked out that last post!

What a grumpy Thorne I was!

Today is the first day of my little holiday, and tomorrow E and I are going on a proper driving holiday, probably Bright->Daylesford->Ballarat->home, with much wine-and-cheese, snow, hot-spas, and random enjoyable pootling throughout.

Tonight I am looking forward to playing “Monsters across America” with Jennie and Liam and E at E’s house. MaA was K & Y’s birthday present to Liam last night (Mmmm, mucho enchilada! (burp)) but they are meeting with Uncle Jono, who has finally returned from America, tonight, so they get to miss out. Nyeah!

Last night we also went to see “Unleashed” at CCW. It was WAY COOL!… I had only seen trailers beforehand, and thought: Cool! A Jet-Li movie with plot and stuff, and maybe the odd british gangsta. But lo! When the opening credits rolled, there was this awesome list of names:

  • Directed by Louis Leterrier
  • Written by Luc Besson
  • Soundtrack by Massive Attack

…and the obvious ones:

  • Jet Li …. Danny
  • Morgan Freeman …. Sam
  • Bob Hoskins …. Bart

But the names still tell you nothing: This is one magnificent action movie, and a compelling drama with some really beautiful characters and at least two singularly impressive bad-guys.
The fight-scenes are something I have never seen before: In a typical action move there might be a handful of blows, maybe even only one or two, where I am compelled to say “Ouch, I *felt* that”. In this movie nearly every single blow is a palpable impact, almost sickeningly compelling. Jet Li is scary, but he also really ACTS in a way that I haven’t seen him do before: easy to identify with every emotion.

I am compiling a list of movies for a “The art of fighting” video night/weekend, and now it lists: Kill bill v1 and 2, Unleashed, and…?

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