Holiday bloggery

This post courtesy of Nancy Hatherell’s home dialup.
Ballarat is an excellent place to sleep in. cool This is day four of the driving holiday which we wanted to make the highlight of Erin’s microscopic annual leave this year.

  • Day 1: Porepunkah. We set out early Sunday morning from E’s house for the long drive up north. As planned, we went via Milawa so that we could spoil ourselves at Brown Brothersexternal link and milawa cheeseexternal link and buy some mustard as well. We got to Dad’s place in Porepunkah at four-ish. Our plan had been to go up to the snow in the morning, but on Dad’s advice we went to the snow immediately. There were tiny little scraps of icy snow at the very top of Mt Buffalo, enough to make a rude snowman. Dad’s food most excellent as always.
  • Day 2: Daylesford. The howling gale overnight obliterated the last of the snow on Buffalo. We went for a walk down to the old-growth timber at the edge of the Ovens river, and then went hunting fragments of ~150 year old chinese pottery in the Buckland valley. (photos to follow) At midday we set out to drive to Daylesford, getting there exactly at sunset.
  • Day 3: Clunes and Ballarat. Briefly: walking around the springs in Hepburn Springs, trawling through the magnificent Avant Gardenexternal link Bookshop, decadent hot chocolates at Sweet Decadenceexternal link, and on to Clunes to visit Hath and Judy.
  • Day 4: So far, breakfast and some blogging. 🙂

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