Rain, wind, paint, hot chocolate and the handmaids tale

Another step down the road towards making user-registration work. PHP is a fairly simple, familiar sort of beast, but the Pear::Auth package is maintained by finite monkeys with ADD, or something. More work to do tomorrow.
All my careful double-checking to ensure that the office would be painted on a weekend has come to naught in the end, and now our CFO claims that there was never any other plan. Oh well, I will just have to work from home while the painters stink the place up. Poor little me. biggrin
Tonight’s weather has become even windier… anyone would think we were having a hurricane, rather than those poor folks in New Orleans. It sounds as though some weather god has changed their mind about spring, and ow they’re issuing a recall.
Still, I have my favourite beerexternal link in my tummy, hot chocolate in a mug in my hands, and a most huggable E by me here. I don’t even have to commute tomorrow… it can snow if it wants.
Erin, Korny and I watched “The Handmaid’s Taleexternal link” tonight. Korny warned us that it was a bit grim, but it was really the stuff of nightmares. Disturbing, chilling, topical. Elegant science fiction, if I can call it that without putting people off.

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