Many interesting movies loom, and tiki drives me Insane

It’s a quiet weekend and I am essetially broke. E is sleeping after her 11pm-9am shift on the ER last night, so I am quietly blogging and coding up the user-registration page. I have given up on the Tiki once and for all: The Pear::Authexternal link package is just way too raw for use against a live LDAP. Insecure as hell too… yucky.

Many many very fine movies in the offing right now. There are five to which I am looking forward with particularly maniacal anticipation:

Also looking like they have great potential: Dukes of Hazzardexternal link, Red Eyeexternal link and Night Watchexternal link

Better start saving up for those movie tickets. Maybe I should be investigating some kind of discount-card scheme…?

Entering all those URLs has left me completely stuffed! Like this:
(Snarfed from Auscultureexternal link via Clem Bastow’s rather disconcerting blogexternal link)

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