Arkham Horror, Internship Horror, PHP Horror, Shanty Horror, Laptop Horror

Played the recent new edition Arkham Horrorexternal link (the game with a token for everything) with K, CainBits and Minxdragonexternal link on Saturday night. K had been told that the game would probably take four or more hours to play though the first time. It took seven and a half. Given that we started at about 8:30pm, that took us through into the wee small hours of the night, far further than any of us had feared. Some may blame the silliness, some the alcahol, some the fat-tokens. I blame the dark eldar ghods, and the cat.
In mid game I had to drive E off to her second night of 11pm-9am shift-work on the ER. She seems to be coping better with this than she was, but the hours and the stress are mind-boggling. As I write I haven’t seen her since Sunday night. cry

<demented-drug-fiend> I WANT MY E! </demented-drug-fiend>
My work on the PHP registration page proceeds healthily: I have written many pages of validation code, and am starting to have a better appreciation for all those web-development toolkits that The K is always going on about.
I have also found another foolish net-toy with which to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting world: Shantyexternal link. Shanty takes text and an image and makes a postscript ‘poster’ with very fine coloured text making up the image. For example: A4external link A3external link A2external link
On a final, and completely unrelated note: it looks like The Great Laptop Upgrade is finally about to happen. It has only taken several years… neutral

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