Being tired isn’t an excuse to blog.

…nor an adequate topic for an entry. Still, it’s the dominant thing on my mind right now. Yurgh. I just plain need to get to bed earlier. Daylight savings isn’t helping.

Since my last post much hath transpired. E and I are up and down like yoyos, and I have questioned my sanity all too frequently. Much harm have I done in my stupidity…sad

Still, life goes on, even when one feels little desire for it to do so. Life, like a government or food poisoning, doesn’t care if you want it or not. evil

I have relented in my fervour for the motherboard mentioned in the previous post. Various people seem to be having considerable pain getting it running under Linux, contrary to VIA’s claims. I am rather holding out hope for something pentium M based, or just for a nice quiet case like thisexternal link one.

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