Freedom fightin’ Job huntin’ marryin’ & goin’ crazy

Again, long time, no post. 🙁 My apologies to all those who had been reading my prolific posts when they were almost daily. Many aspects of my life have fallen behind for a little bit. My reading of web comics, for example, was a bit lagged, and what a time to get out of sync with MoSexternal link!!!
First and most colourfully, there’s The Rallyexternal link. On Tuesday last I took a day’s leave, not feeling that my employers would derive anything educational from me actually striking per se.
Speaking of my employers, I have been working longish hours to appease them for a week now. This is in response to a new directive from my boss that I should be in by 9:00-ish regardless of how late I work in the evenings. This in turn has spurred me to a whole new round of job-seeking, which is currently going well.
Just got a nibble from SecurePayexternal link, in fact. biggrin
Went to a wedding on Saturday with E: Purplexityexternal link and Benjiexternal link. It was a very fine event, beautiful, compelling, and cunningly organised.
That’s all for now… I probably ought to say something unique, interesting or at least insightful, but all my insights lately have been the kind you don’t share with friends if you want to still have any friends. Every day it gets a little bit stranger being me. neutral
When I upload and process them, there will be photos of both the rally and the wedding. There might even be photos of me being crazy, but don’t count on it.

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