House vs The Market, Work vs The CWG, T&E vs Castlemaine

A miscellany of unsorted news, after a long pause from blogging!

Firstly, it is worth noting that depression impairs ones desire to blog quite effectively, even when there is plenty of news.

Match one: The house has finally sold, we think. Unless I am sorely mistaken, the whole dealie is now only dependent on finance, and since the buyers have put down a hefty deposit, I expect that finance is a foregone conclusion. Yay!

Match two: My work is temporarily being conducted from my new home, since the Commonwealth Games have effectively rendered North Melbourne imapssable, and public transport Highly Fearsome. This suits me just fine. My workmates are so much easier to cope with when they’re on the other end of a data line. biggrin

Match three: Me and E went for a daytrip to Castlemaine today. It was excellent!

  • We had an excellent lunch in Malmsbury (sp?) and bought eccles-cakes (of course).
  • We explored the vast coolness of the Restorers Barn in Castlemaine itself.
  • We found three caches.
  • We did some most excellent four-wheel-driving in E’s very two-wheel-drive car.
  • We climbed a cliff of loose granite blocks the size of white-goods.
  • We came home and made uber-steak-sandwiches-of-doom.

I want to give special thanks to E for bringing outrageous madness such as this into my life. twisted

No news involving dutchmen that’s fit to publish just yet.

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