Bush Family Values

I don’t usually post links to other blogs here, preferring to come up with my own content, or to post links in the ‘Crazy’ section on the right-hand side of my homepage.

This, however, smells so bad that I just had to share it:
Why everyone wants to invest in Neil Bush’s software companyexternal link (from Boingboingexternal link).

It turns out that Barbara Bush’s donation to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is going straight to Ignite!, an educational software company owned by Neil Bush

…and it gets much worse from there.

On those frequent occasions when I curse the present Australian government as ignorant, incompetent, racist, sexist, fascist morons, I can at least draw solace from the fact that, unlike the USA today, we aren’t in the hands of a family organised crime syndicate.

Changing topic, I am currently reading Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happinessexternal link at the recommendation of a mental health professional. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s unhappy with their life, including most especially those skeptics and cynics among you. Seligman is very clearly a scientist, and takes pains to support his claims at every turn with the latest well-referenced research results. Not finished the book yet though, so I can’t give a good summary. Will probably add to this later.

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