Troublesome Trouble, Lord of the Wrongs, Kaz-life and stuff

Well, it looks like my cunning fixery of the new Trouble hardware didn’t actually fix anything. It is still buggered, perhaps even more so than I had thought. It is still the SATA controller being screwed, and it is definitely only ocurring under Linux.
The night before last, Erin and I watched my shiny new (still in the shrink-wrap) copy of Ralph Bakshi’s “animated” Lord of The Rings (1978)external link. I hav concluded that I would have been best equipped to appreciate this movie when it first hit the Cinemas, and have steadily lost that ability since then, as I developed critical faculties like the ability to discern a plot. Wow that was bad!
Today I began my new, um, career at Kaz. So far, so strange. Working for a firm that big is deeply scary. It’s a distinctly disturbing feeling noticing that ones employer is so huge and powerful that they distort the sconomic world around them. “Kaz?”, you may say, “Kaz aren’t that big!”. “No,” say I, “Telstra are that big.” It’s just spooky.
Today is a most excellent day. Make of that what you will!

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