Wonderful Comments, Restricted Computing, Get Off My Side!

Many many thanks for all the wonderful comments folks! Even if some dodgy blog-spammer has abused the trackback ping facility on here (I still haven’t figured out how to get it off) I am overjoyed to know that so many people still have some vague connection with my life, however tenuous. Thank you!
Some quick reactions:

  • I don’t know what blogware I’m gonna use yet. Am open to suggestions!
  • Yes Aknyra, Tiki is a piece of crud. As a Wiki it is adequate. As any of the other things it tries to be, I am profoundly unimpressed. Tiki will not be appearing on the new Trouble.
  • Beloved E, take-away chocolate isn’t Max Brenner’s strongest point, but I will get you some anyway. 🙂

My crazy new job is just steaming along like a runaway train. There is so much to learn! The whole concept of learning my place in the organizational structure is so alien and new! The complex bureaucracy involved in doing anything staggers the mind, but not so much as the sheer stunning amount of thought that has clearly gone into it all. So, I read until my eyes bleed. One day I will have the privelege of being allowed to do stuff! This should not be taken as anny kind of negative comment on KAZ, BTW: Only a fool lets a novice sysadmin play with live systems straight away.

Finally, it has come to my attention that someone has been inflaming old wounds by sending mail to my cousin. I want to be very clear that it wasn’t E, and it wasn’t me. The last contact of any kind that I have made was my attempt to post a retort to a post on her blog which was brought to my attention and seemed to me to overstep the bounds of propriety which I have been trying to maintain. That blog comment was submitted around the 29th of March. Since that time neither E nor I have made any attempt to communicate with them, whatever you may have heard. I have written about my feelings here on my blog, but I have held to my policy of not naming names, and indeed, I have done my best to bar the aforementioned parties from even reading my blog!
Besides any of these things, in the final analysis these troubles have been essentially of my making. E has had absolutely no part in it. She has only suffered, and I will retaliate vigorously on her behalf towards anyone who tries to smear her at this point. You have been warned.
While I feel perversely pleased that someone feels so strongly that they feel compelled to defend E and me, I am telling you, whoever you are, please stop. Please just leave it alone. Enough unnecessary pain has come from all this. Please, no more!

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