Preachy? Ranty? Scattered? Too much hyperbole? Moi?

It has been too long since my last post, and here’s why: I have been writing an epic. Writing enormous epic posts is much easier with this new software, but it doesn’t make any more sense.

Frankly, looking back over my last few posts, I’m unhappy with the quality of my own crap:

  • I come across as preachy to the point of camp. Owie! “devastating aura of overmastering charisma“? Eek! I’m just a guy with a fallible memory and a mild psychological disorder. I might be able to claim pundit status about mid-range server software and hardware, but nothing else, and that’s not what this blog is about.
  • I rant too much. Fuelling heated political debate is fun, but risky: people can wind up thinking you’re a loon. Openly flaming people on ones blog, while occasionally necessary to clear the air, is undecorous, and probably not fun to read.
  • I am doing too many portmanteau posts, packed with unrelated trivia. This makes my posts longer and less frequent, and makes a mockery of any categorisation system. Really, if I have three things to say today, I should be posting three posts in the one day, not one big (often late) post with all three topics jammed in.
  • My normal penchant for exaggeration and hype is getting the better of me overmuch. It makes the whole blog less credible, even if it is more fun to write.

So, some aims to aspire to… (not new-year’s resolutions: A- There’s more than a month of this old year left still, and B- I’m not all that resolute. Rules like this exist to be periodically broken)

  • Short, frequent posts, on a single concise topic.
  • Be more circumspect, express less absolutes, use less flowery adjectives.
  • Rant less. Don’t worry, Be happy.
  • Try not to hype unnecessarily. I have nothing to sell, and blogging is not a competition.

1 thought on “Preachy? Ranty? Scattered? Too much hyperbole? Moi?

  1. Meh, I find blogging is best done for oneself rather than for some hypothetical audience… write what you want to write, if people read it, great, if they don’t, they’re notes to self.


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