Wonderful Toys

E is mad, in the most wonderful possible way: she just bought me a veritable swath of new toys because she decided I need more presents. Who am I to argue the point? 🙂

I have always wanted one of the ThinkGeek highly collimated green laser pointers. Now I have one. It will happily paint lurid green lines on trees more than a kilometer from my house. Further than that seems very likely, but I need to get up higher at night to give it a try. It is also the only laser I have ever owned of which it can be said that you can really, clearly see the beam, rather than just the surface it’s shining on.

I have long coveted the Skagen family of flat, mesh-banded watches. Now I have one on my wrist, and it’s purteh and very comfortable.

I never knew that such things existed, but I now have a beautiful silver ring with the words ‘come and get them‘ inscribed on it in ancient greek.

Thank you love!

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