2 thoughts on “Wellness

  1. AARGH! 🙁
    It’s definitely a documentary.
    There are days when I swear Scott Adams is peering over my shoulder for material.
    There was a week-long arc in Dilbert approx three weeks ago about management-by-spreadsheet. My manager had just left, and at precisely that time, her manager stepped-in to take-over…and decided that management by spreadsheet was the way to go. We were given a pep-talk in how to fill-in the spreadsheet, which included stuff on %-much we’d done, expected time to completion, time taken so far, etc. And, once a week, we have an hour-long status/update meeting to ensure we stayed on track (except for when he’s sick for a week, or interstate for a week for conferences or training). Yeeaah, *nods*.
    I swear, he was treating Dilbert as a script and looking to it for daily inspiration.
    I even printed-out the relevant strips and showed them to my team…nobody laughed; they all looked grim/sombre, and I quickly/fearfully shredded the page.

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