15 seconds of FAME!

I just got to sound foolish on national radio! Huzzah!

I’ve never successfully called up a talk-back show before, but the topic:

“call in with stories about nerdy things you’ve done in the name of fandom”

…on Triple-J‘s Top Shelf was just too much to resist. I have to apologise here to this gentleman for naming him and his mighty home-made tardis.

Also, apologies to FOME: I had a teensy schpiel about the club, it’s name, and its impending 30th anniversary, all rehearsed and lined up to slip in at the first opportunity but it was the extremely speedy kind of talk-back and I just didn’t get a chance.

Not that I would ever do anything so frivolous while working-from-home as listening to the radio, let alone calling in to said radio program or even (gasp) blogging.

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