Forever posessed by the eighties

I was born in 1975, so I can’t really claim to be a “child of the 80’s” like my brother, but that decade will always have an insuperable hold upon my soul.

I know this because I listen to a very modern radio station, but when they incongruously play Huey Lewis and The News’ – The Power of Love, I am unaccountably electrified (It’s not a genre I’m usually into) and beset by vivid mental images of Michael J Fox on a skateboard, stealing momentum from passing cars and wearing magnificent dark sunglasses…

I have been justly mocked for my strong childhood feelings about that movie, that music, and that decade, and I find myself at a loss now to cogently defend them, but they remain.

There was some damn fine stuff in the eighties, and I think in another decade we will look back and appreciate the eighties in the same slightly surreal way that the sensibilities of Pulp Fiction’s Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest scene idly worships the fifties.

<yellow> Ohhh Yeeeah </yellow>

One thought on “Forever posessed by the eighties

  1. Dont worry, ur not the only one who reacts to Hewy Lewis like that. I even went out and bought the BTTF soundtrack 😛
    I always get those same vibes, but not just from BTTF; from just about all early Michael J Fox films. Doc Holywood, Secret of My Success, Teen Wolf. And also Ferris Buellers Day Off. And most episodes of Parker Lewis Cant Loose. I’ll shut up now 🙂

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