Best. Toy. Ever.

E bought me a toy. 🙂

I told her about my oldest obsession, my first obsession, and she fulfilled it to the greatest extent physically possible: She got me The 8421.The 8421, Packed

This thing is like the god of lego sets. Sure, you can spend more on Mindstorms if you want the ultimate in sophisticated geekery, and there are doubtless exotic and ancient themed lego kits out there worth much, much more to collectors. I don’t care.The 8421, Extended

There’s no lego quite as powerful and awesome as real Technic, and as far as real Technic goes, this is it, the larget, most sophisticated (heaviest!) lego kit there is now, or ever was.


  • Has pseudo hydraulics (pneumatics).
  • Has one of the new 9v electric motors.
  • Has the complete six-cylinder piston-engine block.
  • Has a working differential.
  • Has proportional eight-wheel steering.
  • Has two independent safety-clutches.
  • Took me about twelve hours to build.
  • Weighs about three kilos.

The 8421, Top-view

It’s a kind of Lego nirvana. 🙂 Thank you love!

3 thoughts on “Best. Toy. Ever.

  1. *boggle* That’s absolutely stunning!
    Many hours of fun ahead with that. 🙂

    Wish I’d never sold all my Technic Lego…held onto it for years but rashly sold it to help buy my mountain-bike (which was a sound investment).

    “It’s a kind of Lego nirvana.”
    *cough* Nerdvana. 😉

  2. Truly spectacular kit! Thank god for BrickLink, eh? I thought the 10177 kit (Boeing 787 with 27″ wingspan) was kinda scary.
    I keep thinking I should pull out my space Lego collection, maybe update some of it from BL.

  3. A time capsule to my childhood, I thank you for the cherished recollection. Unfortunately, I have to dispute the fact that this is the best toy ever. For me, that particular title goes to the wooden block kids toys that are hand crafted at Forever Blocks in Sydney, Australia, pure mastery.

    Legos are a close second…

    Many thanks,


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