Ride a motorbike, become a statistic. I did.

Stats-Porn for those of you who find such things as fascinating as I do:

Motorcyclist Exposure on Victorian Roads (RSD 457), VicRoads – Final Report, May 2008

I have interest, (a) because I’m in the target demographic, and (b) because I contributed to this survey, all three rounds (through being a NetRider member).

Insights range from the chilling:

Approximately one-fifth (21%) of (unique) respondents (n=1095) reported that they had been in a serious motorcycle accident – one that required hospitalisation – at some point in their motorcycling careers. This figure did not vary across waves.

…to the amusing:

Gender differences in type of (main) motorcycle owned are evident. Some statistically significant differences can be noted; females were three times more likely to own a scooter as males, while males were more than twice as likely to ride a tourer. Females were also significantly more likely to ride a naked bike.

This post brought to you by boredom, panadeine, caffeine and the letter SUGARRRRR!

Updated 16/09: As Heffa points out in the comments, the survey URL was fscked. Grr.

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