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A number of people will have heard me make mention of a legendary figure named Boinga Bob (Bob Prudhoe), a man of brilliance, eccentricity and several really cool houses.

For those of you who have not believed, or have only partly believed, I just hit upon an answer which may or may not convince you somewhat. If one googles “Boinga Bob”, the second hit, at time of writing, is this YouTube video:


(The first hit is to a TV show site called “World’s Most Extreme Homes” where an episode covers some other, presumably even cooler house of Bob’s which I have never seen).

To add to this, I did a little google-mapping, in search of the remarkable tower from which I had the good fortune to watch the tall ships sail into Port Phillip Bay for the beginning of the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations. This too, is (or was) a house of the elusive Bob:

BB House 1987 GoogleMaps

A strange and legendary guy. If others have had encounters with the Bob more recent than my own (i.e. in the last fifteen years), let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Boinga Bob

  1. Hi Thorne,

    Firstly, let me say that I remember you from grade 5 at St Josephs Yarra Junction and you don’t look much different except for the hair 🙂

    I regularly see Bob and I have just recently registered the domain name with the intention of building a little website for him.

    Bob no longer lives at Liverpool (the house in St Kilda). This house was inherited by the siblings of a Victor Spencer, a life long friend of Bob’s who passed away. Bob now lives in his (new) temple in Warburton. The one you probably remember burnt down in 1993.

    Despite his love for the ‘drink’ he remains as vital as ever and aims to go ‘beyond the beyond and make known the unknown’.

    He will be pleased to know that you have inquired about him on your blog.

  2. Judd,

    That’s awesome! I think I remember you, although I have to admit, high-school is all a little murky and vague at a remove of 14 years. If there’s anything I can do to help you or Bob with, it would be my pleasure to do so.

  3. hi,just spent a wonderful evening with Bob and some friends as he celebrated his 70th birthday,very hard to believe..he is as agile and full of energy as ever,not a line on his beautiful face,full of stories and such enthusiasm about life..long live the King of Boingaology…hehe

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