We are all just a web comic

Well, some of us.

If you don’t like LoTR (or even recognise the acronym (SHAME!)) and/or you don’t roleplay, you may find this webcomic mildly (or less) amusing.

If you, like me, do these things compulsively, you will probably, like me, find that you’re in the freaking comic!

DM of the Rings XLVIII: Dwarven Diplomacy

Seriously, I’m only part way through it, and it’s fantastic: I LOL helplessly at least once at nearly every strip. Not only is it chock-full of disturbingly true portrayals of roleplayers (and roleplaying games) being foolish, it also features some completely marvellous hand-picked frames from the Peter Jackson LoTR movies. Who knew that there were so many smug sh*t-eating sneers, smirks and leers to be had form the core characters in those movies? So much gurning too!

References to Star Wars, Monty Python, WoW, Lovecraft and even Nethack abound. It is gloriously nerdy. And the editorial comments! OMG!

I don’t usually post just to spruik a link, but this was simply too good to pass up.

One thought on “We are all just a web comic

  1. I was gonna make some comment like U-SCREAMING-NERD!! but then I started reading it. Already up to thirteen, and nearly wettin myself larfing.

    “She’s hawt with a capitol Haw”

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