Google Shock

Google Shock” denotes the state of stunned disorientation which arises when an unexpected new Killer App crops up with the likely potential to dramatically alter some aspect of one’s life. Similarity to “Culture Shock” is intentional; Google Shock is a form of temporal culture shock.

For example: Google Maps Real Estate.

Google Maps Real Estate #2

In my youth, I spent great scads of time cycling or driving about the suburbs within a few kilometers of Monash University (Clayton) clutching a thick wad of liberally annotated rental lists which I had gathered by hand from the many faintly dodgy little real-estate agencies which cater to the student-housing market in that area.

Googe Maps Real Estate #2

Now, I am in Google Shock. Once again, I find that something I just accepted as a fact of life has been expertly hoovered up into the web.

The rammifications of this are only just beginning to dawn on me…

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  1. My Google Shock at this news was overshadowed by the Google Shock at the announcement of the Google Chrome Operating System. It’s the “missing link”…in a few months, they’ll have a “clean sweep” (up from 80-90% of what the typical user needs for their daily computer use).

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