Peace and Quiet and Packet Biryani

Today finds me almost alone in the office, supervising the PABX technician and the security system guy.
The peace and quiet has had an unusal impact on me: I find myself willing to patiently tackle problems which have seemed insoluble for a long time, like sorting the damned cable-mess that previously inhabited the compactus.
My two-minute microwave packet-biryani for lunch was most excellent. I will have to buy more of these things!
Generally, boredom ensues. I should have a personal psychologist-led relaxation session every morning before work… yeah. cool

Exhaustion and despair

Not long after posting that last jubilant post, I discovered that the ‘mobile’ tiki extension doesn’t actually let you *edit* anything, including new blog posts. Grr!

In any case, the mindless furniture-hauling has continued today, and I am buggered. Now it looks like I am going to somehow be blamed for using my mighty telepathic powers to screw up the tech-support number, or at least stuck here in the office for a while until Jason calls me back and gives his slant on matters. Meanwhile, many miles away in peaceful Glen-Waverley/Noble-Park, my housemate and girlfriend respectively both starve, as I am still further delayed in getting home and cooking dinner. Veritably Grr…

A new blog and a day’s fruitless research

I have spent much of my theoretical work-day today researching the problem of posting to this new blog thingummy from my phone, or possibly from the new phone which my phone company is about to thrust upon me, or, optimistically, from my Palm.

I would ideally like to be able to post photos too…

So far, the chief contenders have been:

But at this stage the winner is the simple trick that I can use the mobile interface on this ‘ere wiki to edit blog entries through my palm/phone browser. 🙂