Trouble has moved used to live at Serverpronto: a place where it had a whole very crappy PC to itself, and lots of cheap bandwidth. This had a few problems:

  • Serverpronto make no pretense at customer service. Don’t try to call them, and don’t expect the bills they charge to make any sense.
  • Serverpronto’s policies and price mean their server farms tend to harbour trouble-makers. Some of these people don’t make good neighbours to share a LAN with.
  • Serverpronto are based in Florida, which is how they make their bandwidth so cheap. I am based in Australia, conservatively some 200-odd milliseconds away.
  • Finally, being in Florida, Serverpronto like their customers to pay in US dollars. Being Australian, I like to pay for things in Australian dollars. The relationship between our dollar and theirs hasn’t been so great lately, and I prefer my budget to be predictable.

So, as of last night, Trouble has moved to a new place: It is now a ‘virtual’ server sharing a big robust physical server with six other virtual servers. The physical server is managed for me by Labyrinth, a Western Australian company who have, so far, displayed completely brilliant levels of customer service.

Along with the move, I have upgraded a bunch of things, and cleaned up a lot of semi-working crap. You’ll notice for example that the gallery is gone. If you have a Trouble account, you will also notice that the available range of admin tools (click “admin” on the main page) has been expanded somewhat.

As always, if anything here is busted, please let me know.

p.s. Yes, I know about that annoying stray grey button in the side-bar. I’m working on it. 🙂