Homepage fiddlings

This is just a very minor update to show off just how much time I have wasted today. twisted

If you’re viewing this through the wiki, you’ll have to go over here and see the prettified version I use for a home-page.

All that has changed in this case is the frame: it now looks like it was originally intended to look: the edges of the borders nearest to the main content box (in the middle) are now the same colour as the content box, and all the fades line up correctly, thanks to the miracle of CSSexternal link. The page is still Impure in the eyes of many though: it uses tables for layout, an unforgiveable no-no by many modern standards. It does this because the CSS-clean way of doing things will not yield columns of equal length with correctly scaling background images. For that I needed the bastard mixture you see here.
Fortunately, unlike some non-specific Pento and Thingalon, I am not attempting to appease any CSS style-nazis. I just don’t care. twisted

Brain Rot, Font foolishness

Much brain-rot and unhelpful anxiety hath eventuated since last I did post here, but, to quote Megatron:
I Still Function!.
As you can see here, I have recently done some extremely foolish things involving a font generator. At least, you will still be able to see the foolish things if I haven’t thought better of it and removed the script. If you can see the image, you may also be able to see that it’s dynamically generated in php. twisted

All I want for christmas is…

…Yeah well, I can dream, can’t I? twisted
I have actually given serious thought to the car issue lately: My old 929 is a tad heavy and fuel consumptive, and it is fast approaching the point where it will be unsafe/undriveable without new suspension (~$2000). This has got to be a large fraction of its total value, and while it is a lovely car, and safe for me due to its sheer size, it still lacks things like ABS and airbags. There are quite a few new cars now which provide both of these and a bunch of extra crap for a lot less than $20,000…
Still, I am mostly broke, my car mostly goes, and I am mostly inclined to wait for the hybrid-car thing to get moving.