Less than zero

IT Managers, if you learn nothing else in your entire career, learn this:

An unskilled programmer is radically worse than none at all.

A programmer with twice the skills of another will probably get TEN TIMES AS MUCH DONE!

Even with good programmers, adding people to a project doesn’t always help, and it can harm. A lot.

That’s all.

Learn only this, and in my experience, you will already be a better-than-average IT manager.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows us that on the 10th of April this year, E and I will be officially Wed! This is proving to be a challenging thing to organise, and one of those challenges is compiling a guest-list. Guest lists are horrible things! Frought with taboo and instilled with ridiculous levels of social significance.

The Princess Bride - Peter Cook

…which makes the things I’m about to say all the more rude. Um. Sorry.

Most of the people who read this are on the list, if comments are anything to go by, but a handful of people who probably expect to be on it aren’t. This does not mean that E or I don’t like you. It may, however, mean that we don’t get the feeling that you’re a friend to our relationship, or to both of us as a couple. Pardon my bluntness, I’d rather be blunt than lie to you about this, or leave any doubt.

I say this in the hope that, when the invitations go out, their presence or absence shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone.

Mostly though, I hope to see you there.